comfort zone growth outside the comfort zone

I am a person who needs to do something different. And, the lockdown gave me the guts to do just that.

The lockdown has taught me to evolve, upgrade and be resilient to change and overcome challenges. Not everyone is lucky to see another day nor will we get a chance like this to be at home with people we love! Life and its chapters will grow, but we need to adapt to positive and lateral thinking to fit into the fonts of the book. The choice of being bold, italics or just normal is left to you. Mother Earth will survive with or without us.

The contra is not true. Let us learn to unlearn and get reintroduced to our true selves so that we can walk out after the lockdown as new people into a new healthy world with new experiences and challenges. Lockdown does not mean you get frustrated in all aspects of life. The one important aspect to remember is that you are not the only one facing the problem. You are asked to stay at home for your own safety and that of the community. With my experience in the field of complex pandemic emergencies, I can state that staying at home is important to control the spread of the disease. Just pause and think about what the world will look like once the pandemic is over; what’s going to be lost forever, and what we can do better in future.

Life in lockdown: ‘Every horrible situation offers a lesson to grow from’.

Rahul Sinha

Chairman, Shining Souls Trust
Director, Smart Move Academy

Mr. Rahul Sinha is also a Member of USO Executive Council.