Celebrating Knowledge, Creativity, and Unity


USO Inter Schools Fest welcomed all schools in and around Pulivendula for an exhilarating day of talent and intellect at the USO Inter Schools Fest 2024. This festival was not just any event—it was a dynamic showcase where students participated in a multitude of competitions centered on the vital theme of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3).  This was a great opportunity for students to unleash their creativity, innovation, and knowledge while addressing pressing global issues. 

For the first time at

Loyola Degree College (YSRR) Pulivendla envisions to provide quality higher education to the neighbourhood of this rural, economically and socially underprivileged area. The college aspires to put in special efforts for the upliftment of Pulivendula and its surrounding rural areas in social, political, economic, educational, and cultural spheres, with a special focus on women empowerment.


Initiated By Sree Vidyadhari Group of Schools

The efforts of this fest have been set in motion through the ingenious efforts of Mr. D. Bhanu Prakash, CEO of Sree Vidyadhari Group of Schools.

The Sree Vidyadhari Group of Schools stands as an exemplar of social living, embodying culture, civilization, and the holistic development of children. They are dedicated to nurturing the physical, mental, emotional, social, aesthetic, moral, spiritual, and scientific facets of our students through a blend of curricular and co-curricular activities.

Event Objective

To promote...

…collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie among students and teachers were fostered, creating a vibrant learning environment through friendly competition and shared experiences. This fest provided students a platform to showcase their talents in diverse fields, encouraging talent and creativity.

To foster...

…healthy competition through various competitions while also fostering a sense of community among students and teachers from different schools in/around Pulivendula. Through the various competitions, all delegates learnt the importance of teamwork and collaboration, a life skill.

To encourage...

…participation and motivate students to take part. Through this fest, students also interacted with peers from other schools, fostering the creation of new friendships and social connections. This provided an educational experience beyond the classroom, where students learnt from each other.

Our aim was to instill a sense of pride and identity among students for their respective schools through this fest, thereby encouraging them to represent their schools with enthusiasm. The fest not only highlighted the talents of the students but also provided them with a platform for personal growth and development.

USO's Global Theme for 2023 -2024

SDG 3 stands for Sustainable Development Goal 3, which is one of the 17 global goals adopted by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

SDG 3 focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages. The goal aims to improve global health by addressing various health challenges and disparities worldwide. Focusing on the theme of Good Health and Well-Being can have a positive impact on students, teachers, and the entire school community.


USO’s General Conference and All-India Schools Festivals have been graced by former Prime Ministers, former Presidents, high-ranking government officials, UN dignatories and many others as Chief Guests, Guests of Honour, or invited guests. Several guests also attended as young students, while at school in various parts of India!


Conferences have been conducted NATIONALLY!


Different States that these conferences have been held.


Schools share our history in conducting these Conferences.


Students have participated and grown to become global citizens.

Registration Form

It is important for all schools to pre-register for the USO Inter Schools Fest, Pulivendula, A.P. The online form requires preliminary information and the number of teachers and students who shall be part of the fest. The list of students and teachers can be sent later as the template below. You may download the template, fill in the details, and email: conference@usoindia.org or info@usoindia.org. Alternatively, you may also provide the list (as per the template below) upon registration. Payment can be made through the link in the form below.

Registration ends January 24, 2024.

Registration Form (Includes Payment Link)

Excel Template for Delegates Information

Downloads For Schools

Information and Circular Letter

To make it easier for schools to relay the information to parents, we have prepared a circular letter. Schools may print the letter and along with the poster details share with parents for easier communication.

Detailed Poster of the Fest

Here’s a concise and engaging summary to go along with the competition poster. Mark your calendars and be part of this thrilling celebration of skill, artistry, and sheer determination!”

Competition Rules

We are sharing the rules that shall be applicable for all competitions including topics, time limits, judging criteria and all other details. Schools may kindly download and view the rules below. 

Competition Rules


We have compiled below Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions after going through the page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The USO Inter Schools Fest – Pulivendula (A.P) aim to bring together various schools in/around Pulivendula to interact with each other while competing in various competitions.  

The fest is divided into individual and group competitions. Since all the competitions will take place simultaneously, each student can only take part in one competition.

Individual Competitions: There are 3 individual competitions that shall be conducted as part of the fest. 

  • On-the-Spot Painting Competition
  • Speech Competition
  • Science Fair

Group Competitions: There are 2 group competitions in which max. 5 students can participate.

  • Group Dance Competition
  • Drama

 The main purpose of organising such an event is to help students gain confidence in a protected environment.  Additionally, all teachers and students shall find a peer network to interact with.  

This event is instrumental in promoting valuable ideals such as ‘National Integration’, ‘Peace’, ‘Tolerance’, ‘We Are All Equal’, and so much more.  Not only will all delegates create a network, but they will also benefit greatly by increasing awareness by interacting with the various participants nationally.  This shall greatly assist in moving closer to ‘Global Citizenship’.

The USO Inter Schools Fest Pulivendula (A.P) shall be held on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, from 9 am onwards.

The Fest shall be held at Loyola Degree College, Pulivendula

(Know More By Visiting Their Website).

Schools may send their delegation of students and teachers as follows:

  • Students of Std. 6-12 (Maximum of 13 students per school)
  • Teachers (Max. of 2 teachers per school)

The global theme for this year is SDG 3: “Global Health and Well Being”.  Competition topics shall be based on this theme, as applicable. Detailed topics are listed as part of the rules.

Schools are required to fill out the online registration form and make the payment. (Click Here to Fill the Online Registration Form)

The list of delegates (teachers and students) is also required by USO. This can be provided on the day of the fest. (Click Here to download the excel template for delegates details)

The registration fees from schools are as follows:

  • USO Member Schools – Rs. 500 per school.
  • USO non-Member Schools – Rs. 600 per school.

There is no fee from students.

The registration fee includes participation in all competitions also snack box and lunch for all delegates.

The registration fee does not include the following any reimbursement or travel allowance.

Yes, all participating students shall receive a Certificate of Participation.

The prize winners shall be awarded trophies and a Certificate of Achievement.

Each participating school shall receive a Plaque of Appreciation, and the accompanying teachers shall receive a Certificate.

Register Now

Registration ends January 24, 2024.

Our Previous Fest

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