Important Update: Teacher Training Workshop Date Change

Due to the upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi, we have made the decision to reschedule the Teacher Training Workshop. The new date for the workshop is now Friday, September 22, 2023.

Teacher Training workshop
Teacher Training workshop

Step into the realm of knowledge and discovery! Join us in an exciting offline workshop crafted exclusively for the brilliant minds of science educators. Together, we will embark on an enlightening journey to unravel the wonders of scientific innovations and the challenges posed by misinformation and fake news.

So, fellow educators, brace yourselves for an empowering and constructive experience like no other. Together, let’s kindle the flames of curiosity, guiding our students to the path of wisdom and enlightenment. Let the quest for scientific truth begin!

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The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research abbreviated as CSIR was established by the Government of India in September 1942 as an autonomous body that has emerged as the largest research and development organisation in India. CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (CSIR-NIScPR), New Delhi came into existence on 01-04-2021 with the merger of erstwhile CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (CSIR-NISCAIR), New Delhi and erstwhile CSIR-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS), New Delhi. The new entity serves as a ‘Think Tank’ for the Indian ST&I system and leads ST&I communication and policy studies at the National level fulfilling the emerging national aspirations and needs.

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Workshop Information

Date: Friday, September 22, 2023

Timing: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Einstein Meeting Room at USO House 

Lunch, tea, and snacks shall be provided.

Open to science teachers from all educational backgrounds and levels in the Delhi NCR region from USO Member Schools. Whether you teach elementary, middle school, high school, or even higher education, you are more than welcome to participate.

While no specific academic qualifications are required to attend the workshop, an eagerness to learn, share knowledge, and contribute actively to the sessions is essential. Participants are encouraged to bring their curiosity, open minds, and genuine interest in promoting scientific truth and responsible information sharing.

Registration Fees: INR 750 per teacher. This fee covers lunch, tea, snacks, and workshop material. (Click Here For Filling The Form).

2 - 3 science teachers from each school may attend.

Certificate of Participation shall be awarded to all teachers upon successful completion of the workshop.

This prestigious certificate shall be a testament to your active involvement, your dedication to professional development, your commitment to promoting scientific truth, and your efforts in enhancing information literacy.

This workshop has concluded

What Will Be Covered?

In a creative and constructive manner, this workshop promises to be an enlightening and empowering experience.

This captivating offline workshop is designed specifically for science teachers. It aims to address three crucial aspects:

  1. Scientific Innovations: You will be exposed to the fascinating world of scientific advancements and discoveries. Through real-life examples, you’ll witness how innovative minds are revolutionizing the world.

  2. Misinformation and Fake News: The workshop will shed light on the growing issue of misinformation and fake news. It is essential to be aware of the challenges posed by inaccurate information to make informed decisions.

  3. Becoming Responsible Citizens: As educators, you play a vital role in shaping young minds. You will learn how to equip yourself and your students with the tools of critical thinking. By distinguishing fact from fiction, you can help your students become responsible citizens, who seek and value scientific truth.

So, get ready to embark on a journey of knowledge, discovery, and learning how to responsibly navigate the vast world of information. Let’s come together to inspire curiosity and uphold the integrity of scientific knowledge!

look forward to having you join us in this inspiring journey of
scientific discovery and information literacy!