USO National Tests

Update Your Knowledge
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We have been conducting extra-curricular tests for school students since 1951, being the first organisation to do so!

And, that too, on a NATIONAL level!

We often receive requests from students to validate USO National Test Certificates required during collage admissions (graduate and post graduate level), and also for government job applications!

USO has pioneered extra-curricular tests to identify future potential beyond academics, for school students all over India.

All About Our Tests In 2022


Please see the video to know all about USO tests

Why Participate?

All-India Participation

Students across the country have been participating in our tests since 1951, on UN Information, General Knowledge and others.

Improve Self-Confidence

Increase your knowledge base by learning new things, which shall help improve your self-confidence.

Grow Your Profile

Our extra-curricular tests are often validated for admission to colleges such as IIM, and government jobs.

Stay Current

Study material provided for test preparation is updated annually to ensure all information is current and up-to-date.




Frequently Asked Questions

Any student studying at a school in India can participate in our tests.

Your child may participate either through their school, or directly by registering on USO website.

No. It is not mandatory for any school to apply for USO membership.  However, only member schools are permitted to participate in our competitions, campaigns and other selected activities.

Yes. Study material shall be provided to all participants, with the exception of students taking part in the National I.Q. Test and Mental Math quiz. For students taking part in Mental Math quiz, practise tests shall be given after registration.

No.  The test fee covers the cost of the study material or practise test as well.

All tests are being conducted online for all students.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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