Financial Literacy Program for Std. 8

What is DhanGyan?

DhanGyan is a comprehensive online financial literacy course started in 2015 by Tata Capital and the Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CERE).  It contains key financial concepts  that improve basic understanding and skills required to be financial literate. Aimed to empower youth, it is created to understand the basics of finance, financial concepts and money management. DhanGyan has interesting stories and interactive games which make it easy and fun to learn while guiding on how money can be managed better by all. Financial Literacy is a life skill.

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Tata Capital Limited is a subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited, and registered with Reserve Bank of India as a Core Investment Company.  It offers directly and through its subsidiaries fund and fee-based financial services to its customers under the Tata Capital brand.  As a trusted and customer-centric, one-stop financial services provider, they cater to the diverse needs of retail, corporate and institutional customers, across various areas of business.  They have over 100 branches spanning all critical markets in India.

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In the past 12 years, IDOBRO has established itself as a resource centre for Research, Implementation, Stakeholder Relations and Evaluation. With a footprint in 7 countries and 24 states of India, our local and global experience in urban and rural settings, with online and offline tools for corporate and non-profit, government and academic initiatives.  This has greatly advance advocacy, engagement and collaboration with long-term outcomes and value the communities, enterprise members, partners and associates, reaching our to over a million lives.

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