our lockdown journey

class plan school parents

We started online classes from Pre-primary to Class X using the Zoom App. Students up to Class V had to attend the online class along with one of their parents. For Pre-primary, our main focus was towards parents – giving them the details of the year, class plan, worksheets, activities etc. Slowly introducing academics to enable parents teach their children. From class VI, regular online classes were held using various resources.

Being a small town, teachers were initially a bit resistant to take online classes. However, with time, and with every passing day, they became very excited for these online classes. With more than 1500 students in our school, almost 85 to 90 percent of students are regularly attending the online classes. Initially, we planned two classes daily per section with four periods a day, per section.

We now find all teachers, students and parents completely engaged and excited. Minus points are minor network problems and young siblings.