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Mensa, which means ‘Round Table’ in Latin, was started in 1946 in England as a society for which the relevant qualification for membership is scoring within the upper 2% of the general population on an approved intelligence test. To know more about Mensa International, click here.              

Mensa India, is the Indian arm of Mensa International.  It is a National Mensa Chapter that reflects the diverse nature of both Mensa and India in its member body.  The society has presence in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi.  To know more about Mensa India, click here


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We Are Sure You Have Questions About The National I.Q. Test.

Here Are Answers To Some Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, you can register your child directly for the test, by clicking on the link. The link takes you to an online form and payment link. Once done, you shall receive an email with your Registration Details, within 2 business days.

The link to the customized and personalized test along with details shall be emailed to you by USO.

Any school with minimum 100 students can register for the test.

Firstly, please download the excel template here. Please populate the details as per the template and once ready, upload when prompted while filling the form here. You may choose your  payment mode (online transfer or demand draft), details of which shall be required to process further. Once all details are confirmed by USO, you shall receive a confirmation email with each students Registration ID from USO for your records.

The link to the customized and personalized test along with details shall be emailed to each student by USO.

Each USO Member School with minimum 100 students shall receive gifts of appreciation for the Principal and Teacher Coordinator.

Mensa is the world’s largest and most well-known ‘High Intelligence’ society.  It provides a forum for people of high intelligence to interact with each other. The only criteria for admission to Mensa is achieving a score in the top 2 percentile of a standard IQ test.

IQ is a measurement of your intelligence and is expressed as a number. IQ tells you what your score is on a particular intelligence test, often compared to your age group.

The test cost through USO is Rs. 250. (Actual test cost is Rs. 550). 

You need a quiet place, a reliable inernet connection, and a laptop or desktop (phones and tablets are not supported).

The Mensa test is a culture fair intelligence test and measures a subset of the factors of intelligence that the official Mensa test measures. Thus, it is not an aptitude test.

The test should take between 30-40 minutes for most people.

The test can be taken after registration, once email (with personalized link) is received from USO.  The student may take the test any time before August 31, 2021.

These tests are called Scrambled Adaptive Matrices. It involves switching the place of two squares in a matrix of 9 squares and putting them in a logical order. There will be three (3) examples that you will practice with and the test will commence only when you have understood the task.

This is an adaptive test where the difficulty of the tasks is automatically adjusted to the skill level of the test taker. Therefore, the test can measure a very wide ability range. When the test is finished everyone is compared to the same norm.

The pre-test has been developed for children above the age of ten (10) years and gives a range that is accurate for all children. The official Mensa test is different for children below fifteen years and for adults.

There is absolutely no preparation required and you will have three practice questions before you start. Just make sure you are in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for 30-40 minutes and you have a reliable computer and internet connection.

No. Each question has a right answer and many wrong ones. Not giving any answer will be counted as a wrong answer, hence attempting each question would be in your favour.

You may take the test any number of times, and you need to register each time for a new test. As it is scrambled and adaptive, you will not be repeating the same test.

You will get a report immediately on completion of the test.

It means that you can consider yourself among the top 10% of the general population in terms of Intelligence.

If you are pleased with the result of the test, you are encouraged to take the official Mensa test.

It gives you a quick and fun way of knowing your IQ range in the privacy of your home. 

You will get a Certificate of Excellence that shows that you scored in the top 10% of the population, and a medal.