My Immuno Booster Recipe

My Immuno Booster Recipe

USO is pleased to bring this unique competition to schools!

In collaboration with

Instituted around the theme of ‘Healthier Children, Healthier World’, Glenmark Foundation is the CSR arm of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. They are actively working towards improving child health and reducing infant / child mortality, and are a huge advocate for positive health seeking behaviours. 

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Founded in 2014, Rise Infinity Foundation, aims to help create a more Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly society that will meet the immediate needs of the challenged and underserved. It is their mission to nurture communities through citizenship and collective action.

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Why this Competition?

Through this competition, we aim to increase awareness about the importance of immunity, and how it can be boosted by eating certain foods. We hope to share a treasure of home recipes from various parts of India for the benefit of all.

Our immune system defends our body from various bacterium, viruses, and any other foreign bodies. We are all born with robust immunity, and what we eat can help us strengthen it. COVID-19 has truly taught us the importance of boosting our immunity with certain foods. 

Each of us have a special food recipe that we make for our families to strengthen their immunity. That one recipe that has been passed on from one generation to the next. So let’s all share those treasured recipes; Even if it does not taste the best, but still works wonders for our immune system!

"My Immuno Booster Recipe Competition"

An Overview

This national competition was organised for:

  • School Students (Std. 7 – 12): Category of Snacks and accompaniments
  • School Principals, School Teachers, School staff: The 3 catgories were:
    • Drink or Beverage
    • Snacks and accompaniments
    • Main meal dish

There were two phases to this competition:

  • Phase 1: Written recipes were submitted by the participants in a prescribed powerpoint template, with photos, recipe instructions, ingredients.
  • Phase 2: Selected recipes from Phase 1 were invited to submit their video recipes.

Watch A Short Video About The Overview Of This Competition


Here Are Our Winners...


All Video Recipes Are Uploaded on USO YouTube Channel

Watch USO YouTube playlist of Immuno Booster Recipes received from teachers nationally

Watch USO YouTube playlist of Immuno Booster Recipes received from students nationally