MS. Vandana

Leadership is an art of motivating the team to achieve a particular goal. Leadership is seemed to be directing the members of a group with a strategy to meet certain targets. For me Leadership is a role of great responsibility that not only require formal training to deal with varied personals but to understand and scrutinize each and every member of the team so as to explore their potential. Today in the era of stress and depression every person is having low efficiency that results in low productivity. Therefore, the role of leader is very crucial. Power of understanding an individual and getting connected with him emotionally is required. Women, tender at heart, possessing strength to deal toughest circumstances like a child’s play, have the ability to be an exceptional leader. Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Mrs. Kiran Bedi, Anasuya Sarabhai are few example’s of outstanding leadership who altered the face of the world with their vigorous leadership. Humility is fundamentally a feminine trait. It is also one that is essential to being a great leader. Without humility it will be very hard for anyone in charge to acknowledge their mistakes, learn from experience, take into account other people’s perspectives.

Ms. Vandana


DRV DAV Centenary Public School, Phillaur, Jalandhar, Punjab.