Introducing… Alpha, Beta, Gamma!

What is Biodiversity? By definition, It is the existence of a number of different kinds of animals and plants which together make a good and healthy environment. And how many such environments do we see each day?

At USO House, we are fortunate to be part of such an environment. Located in the capital city of New Delhi, in the prestigious educational corridor of Institutional Area in South Delhi, we are lucky to marvel at and experience the beauty of nature around us.

Now you must be wondering, how are biodiversity, USO House, and Alpha, Beta and Gamma, all connected? Let us explain:

In today’s day and age, the importance of biodiversity is becoming increasingly important, especially with the diminishing populations of several animal and plant species. Here at USO House, we value the biodiversity around us, and do our best to preserve it. We take great pride in the animals and plants around us, and they bring us immeasurable joy!

Check out this short video, made to help highlight our immense love and appreciation for nature! Watch the video to find out who Alpha, Beta and Gamma are!

This is part of ‘USO: Zoom In’ Series (a blog page dedicated to all things USO).

About the Author

Ranya Zara Bimbrahw

Ranya is a student of The British School, New Delhi, and is constantly inspired by nature and animals. Through blogs about the biodiversity around USO House, she wishes to show the beauty of all things nature. A young author and a talented writer, her works span across many disciplines, including science, creative writing, and event writing.