Ms. Namrata Jain

Happy women’s day… “What meaning does leadership have in my life?” According to my experience leadership begins with a pinch of aspiration and a lot of authority and responsibility. Well that makes a perfect dish of leadership. Being a woman, is a new variety of responsibility and initiatives. As a leader and woman, we have a ton of responsibility. Some people complain about the tough times that women have had to go through. But as per my knowledge, I think those tough times are made for women, as we have the capacity to manage them. If I say that I am against sexism, I do not mean that I am a feminist or against men. COVID-19 has taught us very well that women or men, children or senior citizens, everyone is in danger. The threat doesn’t come gender-wise, the threat is to all. I would like to conclude by saying women deserve equal respect just like any other gender.

Ms. Namrata Jain


Sardar Doon Public School, Jodhpur

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