nightmare dream

Catastrophe is what comes to anyone’s mind when all one can see is merely desolation. A while ago, it was all chirpy; humans actively living their lives; which now seemingly has come to a standstill. It appears like some invincible celestial body yelled, “IT’S ENOUGH” at us. However, the best thing about time is, it changes and this time is for mankind to walk on the path of righteousness. Henceforth, this is the hour to be prudently sassy and not sissy. It’s time for the world to kowtow and to be benevolently indebted to that almighty, and to thrive by striving hard together, and leave behind the archaic psychology with a surrogate process. Though for me, lockdown brings back memories of my children who have now grown up, but are still the apple of my eye. This reunion, we are going to leave no stone unturned by taking advantage of moments of this fortuity of being together. LIVING THE FLASHBACK is what we do by playing LUDO, CARROM, CARDS, AND TAMBOLA in the era of PUBG!

Cooking unprecedented bespoke dishes at home for a few pennies and a bit of hard work as an ally against the hefty sum spent on restaurant brand tags, devouring whilst watching rom-com, raucously bantering and killing time with some work from home with a nightsuit on. I have a list of my new favourite places: kitchen, balcony, bathroom, living room and terrace, along with a list of my new favourite friends: Netflix, Amazon prime, books, refrigerator and not to forget my phone. I would like to sum it up with a satirical ending: that this COVID-19 has made every house a heaven and the outside world a hell; and we are no less than the fish of a pond in the way that if you touch it, it will be frightened and if you take it out of the water, it will die.

Ms. Seema Mendiratta

Teacher, S. V. Public School,
Jaipur, Rajasthan

S. V. Public School has been a USO Member School for the last several years. They have routinely participated in various national activities such as UN Information Test, Yoga Campaign, Summer Reading etc.

USO’s 57th General Conference and All-India Schools Festival, held in October 2015, was conducted at S. V. Public School under their dynamic principal, Ms. Rita Taneja. It was also the last conference organised under the able leadership of Late Mrs. Aleyamma Jain.