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Our Theme For 2024-2025

USO is proud to adopt SDG13 Climate Action for this year. We have chosen this SDG because SDG13: Climate Action, emphasizes the critical importance of taking collective action to combat climate change and its extensive consequences on individuals, communities, and the entire planet. This goal highlights that achieving climate action isn’t just crucial for ensuring environmental sustainability but also for fostering social equity, driving economic prosperity, and building long-term resilience to climate-related challenges. We can create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all through collaborative action and innovative solutions

Our Efforts Recognised

We are thrilled to have received an award for our efforts from Hon’ble Minister, Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawatji, Minister of Jal shakti, Govt. of India on the occasion of ‘Yamuna Par Azadi Ka Mahotsav.’

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Our Impact Acknowledged By Global Leaders

“In 8th grade, my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Jobard, selected me to join a school team going to New Delhi for the United Schools Organisation of India Conference…”

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Our Ongoing Activities

Explore our dynamic range of activities, from national tests to art competitions, designed to inspire learning. Join us in shaping the future of education!!!


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Our Previous National Activities

Step into a year of extraordinary achievements with our captivating recap video!!! From national tests to cultural festivals, and workshops for educators to inclusive dance events, join us on an inspiring journey of growth and celebration. Don’t miss this story of empowerment and innovation!

What We Do

Welcome to USO’s diverse educational ecosystem, where we cater to the needs of regular schools, special schools, and learning centers alike. From organizing engaging school activities that foster holistic development to providing facility booking services, we are dedicated to enhancing the educational experience. Our platform serves as a hub for collaboration, innovation, and growth, ensuring that every member of the education community can thrive and succeed.


Discover a multitude of national activities designed for both teachers and students. Join our national school community.


Reserve our training and residential facilities for your upcoming meetings, situated in the tranquil and prestigious area of South Delhi.


Since 1992, USO Learning Centre has been offering free education and skill development to East Delhi’s underprivileged.

Our Impact

Discover the profound impact of our initiatives through the detailed estimations provided below, showcasing our tangible outcomes and contributions to the community.

Our Tests

Over 6.5 million students have taken part in tests organised by USO on a national level.

Our Facilities

Over 1,000 organisations have held educational training programs at USO House

Our Conferences

61 conferences have been organised with over 40,000 participants nationwide.

Our Seminars 

Over 50 seminars for teachers have been conducted in collaboration with various government bodies.

Our Competitions

Over a million students and teachers have taken part in our diverse range of competitions and campaigns.

Our Learning Centre

2000+ children, 300+ adults and 500+ young girls have received free education vocational training.

Our Partners

Discover our valued collaboration partners who have played an integral role in helping us achieve significant milestones. These esteemed partners have joined hand with us to create impactful initiatives and drive positive change in education and beyond.