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My Immuno Booster Recipe

Watch USO YouTube playlist of Immuno Booster Recipes received from teachers nationally

Watch USO YouTube playlist of Immuno Booster Recipes received from students nationally

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School Activities

Explore our wide range of national activities and join our national community of schools.

Facility Booking

Book our training and residential facilities for your next meeting, conviniently located in South Delhi.

Learning Centre

Running since 1992, USO Learning Centre provides free education to impoverished in East Delhi.

Established in 1951, we are the pioneers in conducting extra-curricular tests, competitions and activities across schools in India.

Our Impact

Our Tests

6.5+ million students have participated in USO-organised tests nationally.

Our Facilities

1000+ organisations have conducted educational training programmes at USO House.

Our Conferences

59 Conference have been organised with 30,000+ participants nationally.

Our Seminars

50+ seminars for teachers conducted in collaboration with government bodies.

Our Competitions

1+ million students and teachers have participated in our various competitions and campaigns.

Our Learning Centre

2000+ children, 300+ adults, 500+ young girls have been provided free education and vocational classes.

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